1. Set a budget for invitation. You will find beautiful expensive invitations, as well as cheap ones that are equally beautiful on the market. Stay within your budget and be creative.
  2. Decide on a theme and colour for your wedding. Pick an invitation that suggests the theme and colours of the wedding.
  3. Prepare your guest list so that you will know how many invitations to order.
  4. Select a style that reflects your personality and give an idea of the wedding that you are planning.
  5. Begin as early as eight months before the wedding to give yourself plenty of time to choose the perfect wording. If something goes wrong, you will have ample time to rectify it.
  6. Before you order your invitations, make sure that all of your wedding details such as the date, time and place of the ceremony and reception are already confirmed.
  7. Asking help from professionals on the look and style of your invitation will help you pull your ideas together for a more beautiful outcome.
  8. With regards to the proper wording and etiquette, a professiofnal or a good book on etiquette should be consulted to make sure that everything in the invitation is properly placed.
  9. Order more invitations than the amount that you really need. This will give you a few extras in case you miss anyone out.


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