In the time I have spent in this business, I have realised that many people tend to overlook the critical role played by professional ushers in their events. I have attended too many events that have gone south due to absence of professional ushers. So today I make a case for why you must have professional ushers at your event.

Welcome of your guests: In different discussions with people about their experience with events, I have learned that one of the things people who get invited to events always remember is the welcome they received at that event. How your guests are welcomed at your event always leaves a lasting impression on their minds. Did they have where to park? Did they spend too long at the registration table? Was it easy to find comfortable seats? All these are part of the welcome that professional ushers are trained to do. Right from the time you arrive at an event venue up to when you are comfortably seated in your assigned seat, a professional usher will ensure, all this happens smoothly.

Guest guides: At every event, guests will need directions. Whether it is to the washrooms or to the nearest bar, they will need someone to guide them get there. This is one of the duties of professional ushers. They will familiarise themselves with their surroundings and ensure they know their way around so that they can direct your guests wherever your guests need to go.

Venue set up: At every event venue, there will be some unfinished tasks. Last minute change of seats here, a table there, etc. Professional ushers will be handy in ensuring that the venue setup is completed without much fuss. Whatever needs to be completed at the venue before the event, they will take care of it.

Implementing the day’s programme. As the event unfolds, there are likely to be menial tasks that may need to be taken care of, e.g. ensuring a projector is in place so that a presentation can be shown. Professional ushers will be on top of these tasks. They will ensure that these small distractions that could negatively impact the event are swiftly dealt with so that the event continues flawlessly.

Materials distribution: At every event, there is likely to be some materials for distribution. Whether it is a hymn book in church or an agenda at an AGM or a brochure, there is usually some material that needs to be distributed. Professional ushers will be very handy at this. They will ensure that whoever must get the materials gets them on time so that the event continues without disruption.

Orderliness: There are few things more annoying than an event that lacks order. Small things such as ensuring registration of guests is done in an orderly way or that late-comers can get to their seats without disorganising other guests. Such small details usually make the difference between a well-organised event and a disorganised event. Professional ushers are trained to pay attention to these small details and ensure that your event is very orderly!

Emergency assistance: In events where there are many people, emergency situations are likely to arise. These may be simple situations that require a first aid kit or may be more complicated like a fire outbreak that requires moving people to the fire exits. Whatever the situation, professional ushers are trained to handle this and will ensure emergency situations are well handled without much fuss and that normal service can be resumed as soon as possible.

Improved service delivery: Regardless of the event, there are likely to be food stalls to be manned, customer registration counters that need an extra hand, lost items that need to be found. All these may seem like non-essential items but they play a key role when people have to judge the success of an event.  Customers will always remember an event where they were treated extra special and professional ushers help you create this remembrance.


So there you have it, next time you have an event, hire a professional ushers. Till next time!


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