1. The location of your wedding – The location is probably the most vital piece of information you can give to your florist. A country club wedding with large windows overlooking a lovely grass landscape will require different flower arrangements compared to a hotel ballroom built in a 1940’s style. Since they probably have worked in many locations, they know what kind of arrangements look best for your particular setup. The florist may even want to visit your wedding site and want to share their thoughts on the spot about various things.
  2. Your wedding style – Your flowers have to match your style – traditional, Victorian, art deco, modern – but also the formality level that you have in mind. Birds of paradise are suitable for a tropical-themed wedding, while roses are the status quo for formal weddings.
  3. Your budget – Probably the most inconvenient factor in choosing your flowers is your budget. You may find the perfect flowers but you may discover that they are too expensive. Your florist will need to know your budget so they can realistically estimate what you can afford.
  4. Your gown – The shape, colors and the material of your gown will give your florist important queues in order to pick the perfect matching bouquet so bring or email them photos of your gown.
  5. Your favorite flowers – Make a list of your favorite flower and hand it to your florist. They will then know what to choose from and can even suggest different flowers that you might like.
  6. Allergies – Tell your florist if you or the groom have any allergies to flowers. They will then know to choose those flowers that don’t give off that much pollen.
  7. Your guests table – Different table shapes and sizes require different flower arrangements. For instance, long rectangular tables are best decorated with long planters with beautiful flowers. For a round table a lovely round vase would look perfect.
    Make sure you walk into your florist shop prepared!


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