Trace the ring on soap: If your girlfriend already wears a ring, you can find a moment when she is not watching and trace the ring on a bar of soap. Carry that bar to your jeweler and she will be able to tell the approximate ring size.

Enlist the help of her female best friend: Women love shopping. Engage her best friend to take her window shopping for engagement rings. They can try on different rings and the friend can report her size back to you. Alternatively, if her friend is already married/engaged she can playfully have her try on her ring and take note of the fitting.

You have determined that she is the one and you want to take your relationship to the next level. Here are some simple tips to let you approximate her ring size so that you maintain the element of surprise in popping the question!

Use a string: During one of your playful moments, ask her to play a string game with you. Then lightly wrap a string around the base of her ring finger. Pull it away and mark the length of string then take it to your jeweler.

Try her ring on your finger: If your girlfriend already wears a ring, playfully try it on your finger and take note of where it stops. When you visit your jeweler, you can show him where it stopped.

Take a picture of her hand: If you can access a good camera, take a picture of her hand. If you show it to a good jeweler, she will be able to approximate the appropriate ring size.

Play the hand game: Ask your girlfriend to compare hands. As you do this play with her fingers while you pay close attention to which of your fingers is closest in size to her ring finger.

Go with the average ring size: You can also use the power of averages. If all else fails, ask your jeweler the average ring size for ladies in your area. Chances are that your lady’s ring size will also fall within this average.

Trace her fingers on a piece of paper: Get a piece of paper and trace your girlfriend’s fingers on it. Do this at least twice and compare both drawings to ensure they are consistent. Your jeweler can use this to approximate the appropriate ring size.

Play the pretend game: Here you can pretend that you wish to buy a ring for ysister and you want to have an idea on ring sizes in general. Ask your girlfriend to tell you her ring size so that you can use it as a benchmark to surprise your sister who loves jewelry.

Ask her: Find a tactful way to ask your partner what her ring size is. Yes, this straightforward approach can be used. This works if your partner and you have discussed marriage before. You can still have the element of surprise in the exact time when you are going to ask.

Finally, please always bear in mind the following: –

If you must make a choice and are still unsure, choose the bigger size. As most jewelers will confess, it is easier to resize an 8 to a 7 than increase a 6 to an eight.

Always buy rings from jewelers who resize for free. This will ensure that you can customize the ring to her exact size at no extra cost.

The most accurate way to calculate your girlfriend’s ring size is to walk with her to the jewelry shop and have a professional jeweler measure her ring finger. All the above methods will simply give you approximations.


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