It’s one thing getting the perfect mani but making sure it lasts is another issue entirely.

  1. Find a nail expert you trust to repair and strengthen your nails in the lead up to the day.
    Every manicure should condition your nails, making them stronger, harder and less brittle. If you nail salon is not improving the condition of your nails, you should not be having your nails done there.
  2. Invest in a manicure at least 6 weeks before your wedding.
    This allows your nails to have three consecutive manicures, where your manicurist can assess your nail condition, perfect the shape, trial colors and get to know the exact amount of cuticle to trim, and strengthen your overall nail health.
  3. Choose a nude that suits your skin tone.
    Soft pink nails have been superseded by an influx of nude shades to suit every skin tone. Light colored and pink skin tones should avoid nudes that contain grey and white shades, rather opting for a peach or pink tone. Short nail plates should avoid opaque shades that are heavy in pigment, but rather choose a more translucent shade to lengthen the nail plate and make the hands more elegant.
  4. Have a natural manicure the day before the wedding.
    Most brides like gel polish for its long lasting chip-proof finish.Find a color you love and take it to your manicurist, rather than limiting yourself to the salon’s color collection. Food for thought.




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