As a wedding planner in a country where the culture is still fairly new, I am often asked the question, “Do I really need a wedding planner?” It is a question I meet more times than I would like but also one that I understand. The wedding culture of this country has largely been based on family and friends. In the past, whenever one wished to get married, they would gather around their family and friends and ask for their assistance in planning the wedding. However over time, because of the busier  work schedules these days, and the disappointments associated with using non professionals to do a professional job, the trend is changing. Slowly but surely, the industry is embracing wedding planners.

For any couple intending to get married, a wedding planner must be your right hand person. The wedding planner is the person you seek out first once you have confirmed that the wedding  will take place. This is because he/she is critical in advising you about various decisions as you plan and execute your dream wedding. Your wedding planner would be able to explain the pros and cons of each decision so that you have adequate information to enable you make the best decisions as regards your special day.

Your wedding planner would assist you with decisions such as:- indoor Vs outdoor reception venues, planning the church service, tips on bridal cars, implications of the size of guests and bridal entourage, what to look out for when choosing decor, cameras to be used in photography, tips on selecting food service providers, purchase vs hire of bridal dress as well as carry out a cost benefit analysis on all these decisions to help you minimise costs at all times.

Indeed there is a myth, that a wedding planner is an unnecessary extra cost. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The value addition that a wedding planner brings throughout your negotiations with various service providers as well as advice on pitfalls to avoid as you plan your special day makes their value priceless!

So I say unto you, are you thinking of a wedding any time soon? Go out and get yourself a wedding planner. Your wedding will only happen once, take no chances, let the professional handle it!!


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