A week ago as I interacted with a client on the sidelines of yet another successful event, the client noted how happy she was that the décor had turned out very well and confessed that she had been a bit apprehensive about it. She admitted that it had been a challenge picking the right décor and that she wouldn’t have managed without our help. So today I share some helpful tips to help you choose the right décor for your event.

Type of event. This is indeed always the first question that needs to be answered. Different events call for different colours. For example a funeral may require dark colours to capture the sombre mood, a wedding brighter colours to bring out the celebration and a corporate event may display the company colours. So depending on the event type, your décor is likely to vary.

Theme of the event. What is the theme of your event? It is now common practice to have themed events and depending on the event theme, your décor is likely to vary. E.g. if you have an environmental theme, your colour is likely to be green and you are likely to have lots of vegetation replicas. On the other hand, if say your theme is Christmas, then you are more likely to use Christmas colours as well as images that depict Christmas.

Message you wish to put across. Many times, we may wish the colours used in the décor to put across certain messages. E.g. for a corporate event, the company may use blue to signify loyalty if the event is e.g. intended to reward loyal customers. Green on the other hand may be used to signify a new beginning if the company is changing its strategic direction. Yellow may signify celebration if it is a thanksgiving event. So depending on the message you want to put across, your colours will indeed differ.

Event location. The location of your event is another important factor in determining the décor for your event. Outdoor events and indoor events are likely to command different décor settings. E.g. for an outdoor ceremony where flowers are already part of the venue, you might want to introduce something different like paper lanterns while for an indoor event, you are more likely to set up flowers and candles.

Floral arrangement. Few things bring out the beauty of décor of an event like the right floral arrangement. Engage your event planner to show you different floral arrangements till you find one that is to your liking. Flowers always enhance the beauty of the venue decoration and the more unique your floral arrangement is, the more likely it is that your event décor will stand out.

Venue layout. This is another critical consideration in determining the right décor for your event. This explains why a good decorator will not make any recommendations until they have paid a visit to the proposed event site. The bigger the space, the greater the variety of décor items you can explore with while smaller venues limit your décor options. If your venue is too small, a lot of décor items will create an overcrowded look and may leave your guests feeling uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the venue is too large, then it is recommended to have more décor items to fill up the extra spaces.

Budget. Ultimately, cost is always a great determinant in everything you choose to do. The bigger the decoration budget, the more décor options available to you and the smaller the budget the less options available. Decide your decoration budget early on so that your event planner can show you the available options within that budget to avoid wasting time looking at options beyond your budget.

Venue policy. This is going to sound a bit strange but it is something we have encountered from experience. Different venues have different rules regarding décor. Find out from your venue service providers if there are any specific rules regarding décor at their venue to enable you negotiate a compromise or consider an alternative early on. E.g. many religious places now refuse any form of décor so you might want to know this right away and plan accordingly.

There you have it, go choose the right décor for your event.

Till next time!


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