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Picking your wedding dress can be described as one of the most confusing yet rewarding and beautiful experiences a bride will encounter when planning for the Big Day. A wedding dress sets the tone and can define the entire atmosphere of a wedding celebration. It’s really important to be prepared as you embark on wedding dress shopping with these 6 simple top tips!

1. Do your research

Before you embark on dress shopping ensure that you have done your research and have pictures or specific ideas on what you would love your wedding dress to look like. Read different reviews on the challenges and great things different brides encountered with a specific type of dress.

However remember to be open. Several Brides have found their dream dress outside what they had initially decided on as their favourite type of dress.

2. Budget

Set a realistic budget for your wedding dress bearing in mind the accessories, veil, shoes etc that you will need alongside the wedding dress. When going to different bridal boutiques, ensure that you start from the cheapest going upwards in order to see all your options in a smart way.

You don’t have to spend an incredible lump sum on your wedding dress.Do not shy away from renting out a gorgeous gown as this is a cheaper way to guarantee quality at an affordable price.

3. Location

Location is everything! The weather and setting of the location will influence your choice of wedding dress. A beach side ceremony will call for a simple and fun wedding dress due to the wind or humidity where as a church or garden ceremony will allow a bride to be more dramatic in terms of size. Pick a dress that will blend with your theme, location as well as sensitive to the weather you will encounter on the day.


4. Plan Plan Plan!

Before visiting a bridal boutique, ensure that you plan ahead.  Call and set for a time allocation that will be convenient for both yourself and others coming with you. It will also give the boutique time to prepare and take out any dresses that you like beforehand.

What to carry to your fitting?

Your undergarments for the big day or a comfortable strapless Bralette

Shoes similar to those you will wear on the big day

Top Tip: Little or no MakeUp will prevent any accidents with the delicate dresses.

5. Does it Fit you?

Remember how the dress fits and feels you is more important than the size tag thats on it. A wedding dress can get to two times your original dress size but still fit or feel amazing.

Top Tip: Never shy away from trying on as many dresses as you would like but be careful to not get confused by the process by always having a goal in mind when trying each and every one of them.

6. Get it in Writing.

Do not pay a deposit for your dress without ensuring you will receive a legally binding contract or receipt. This way you are guaranteed that you have your dress at the time and precision as you initially requested for.

With all this in mind, do not forget to enjoy this unique experience that leads up to your big day.

Davies Alex Sebbowa
CEO DAS Professional Event Planners


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